1968 Selmer Mark VI 154,xxx Tenor Saxophone, Original Lacquer

1968 Selmer Mark VI 154,xxx Tenor Saxophone, Original Lacquer


This is an original lacquer, American Assembled Mark VI Tenor Saxophone with a fresh overhaul that is in tip top playing condition. It is set up with nice and open key height, domed plastic resonators (similar to what it would have come with originally), and Valentino Premium Felt pads. The neck is from another European Assembled Mark VI and has been restored from being pulled down with patches on either side. This neck has been paired with this horn for many years now and matches up quite well. It is set up with healthily sized plastic resonators and Valentino pads. The horn is very free blowing, wide in the sound feel but still with nice focus in the middle, and is quite warm, overall. It comes with a Walt Johnson that has served all around the world for many years and shows it, but it will keep your horn safe.

I offer FREE SHIPPING and you have 7 days to try out the horn to make sure you love it.  If you're not totally satisfied with it, send it back in it's original condition and get your money refunded.  In addition, I also offer a 1 Year Warranty from the date of purchase.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

-Dos Allen

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